Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 14

John and Ralph pulled down the wall between the closet and the room this morning, and we all agree it was the right move.  It opens the space up a lot more and will hopefully be more functional in the long run.  They had a long day of fitting drywall in our bedroom upstairs.  Because of the pitched ceiling and the corners, it’s an especially complicated project.  I got off work early, but went to try and clean up the apartment since my best friend Mary and her sister Anne are visiting this weekend.  When I headed over later that evening, they had just started grouting.  Grouting bags look a lot like pastry bags, but my suggestion that Ralph make roses didn’t go over well.  Wonder why? 🙂  He laid the grout, then John smoothed it in.  I was only in the way, so I came back to the apartment.  John ended up being over there until after 9 finishing!


Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 13

Ralph spent a long day laying tile, and was just finishing up when we got home.  He was close to running out of the cement he used to set it, so we made a run to the store to pick some up.  While we were there we got new shades for the bathroom scones – the old ones had gold stars on them and were a little Bewitched for my taste!  We also picked up some 2x4s because drywalling the upstairs bedroom is tomorrow’s project, and we’re taking down the wall between the room and the closet as well.  The way it is set up now makes it less than functional.  That is not to say we have the slightest idea how we’re going to fix it, but…  We’re smart people and I’m sure we can come up with something.

In an update to the countertop saga – the 8 ft lengths came in but not the the 12!  Again, they told us mid to late next week.  Again John was mad and wanted to ask for a refund and again I asked him to wait another week.  Hopefully all goes well this time, and they come in more “mid” than “late” and we have no problems installing them because we are moving next week.  Suspenseful?  I think so.  What a cliffhanger!

Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 12

So I missed taking a picture of it yesterday, but Ralph got our new breaker box installed.

This morning he put in the crossbeams for the joists we reinforced in the basement.  He also called a plumber, because nothing was draining very good.  Turns out that our vents aren’t working right, so add another thing to the list of stuff that needs fixed!  In the kitchen he primed the walls, installed the new light fixture, and got all of the figuring done for the tile.

Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 11

Back to work for John and I (I, for one, was excited to sleep in!)

We had our interim electrical inspection today, and we passed.  Hooray!  Yay Ralph!  He also got power back to the kitchen.

John went in early so he could get off early, and had put up the new mailbox, the hose reel, and worked on getting the bush roots out of the yard.

I went grocery shopping – it was a desperate situation!

Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 10

We tackled big all-day projects today, so not a lot of variety to report!  I sanded all the windows, and started priming them.  We lost a part to the paint sprayer yesterday, so I’m back to doing it by hand.  Ralph gave me some painting tips, and by the end of the day said I could officially call myself a painter, but I think he was being generous.

He and John put up drywall in the kitchen.  It looks like a real room now!

Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 9

We tried out Ralph’s new paint sprayer on the window I taped yesterday, to see if it would work okay.  When we saw it would, I taped windows like no one has ever taped windows before.  All day.  It wasn’t very exciting.

John and Ralph finished the subfloor, then spent most of the day reinforcing some joists that had been cut by the previous owner in the basement.  John also spent some time clearing out the bushes that are preventing us from being able to see as we back out of the driveway, and Ralph trimmed the bottom of the door so it would close over the new higher kitchen floor.

Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 8

Today John went shopping while Ralph and I did all the work!

Misleading, but (almost) true.

We met at 8 am for breakfast at Ralph’s new favorite place.  After breakfast, Ralph and I went to pick up a few things at home depot, and John went to pick up the U-haul we’d rented for the day.  We had a lot of big things to get, like the countertops, drywall, wood to support the joists, and tile, so we figured it was worth it!  He went to get the drywall first, then the countertops.  When he got to the countertop place he was told that we had been misinformed, that they were not in stock, but would be here next Tuesday.  John called to ask me if we should just get a refund he was so mad, but I said to ask for free delivery.  They wouldn’t even give that to us!  If they aren’t here next week, then we will definitely ask for our money back.  Who knew countertops would be such a bother!  Then he went to Lowes and he had so many things to get that he essentially shopped for one person’s entire shift – 3 hours!!!

Meanwhile, back at the house, Ralph worked on wiring, with my occasional help.  I put together all of the IKEA cabinets, then started taping windows – but I only got one done.  When John got back, they started laying down the subfloor in the kitchen.