Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 1

Ralph arrived early this morning – John’s phone was on vibrate, so we missed his call, but he got a nap at the gas station, so it was okay!  We went over and did a walk-thru at the house, explaining what we had in mind, then, it was time to go shopping!  This was more of John and Ralph shopping trip, but that’s okay.  We went to Harbor Freight, Home Depot, and Lowes twice to get the tools and supplies we needed right away.  At Home Depot we picked out carpet and got our measurement scheduled.  After weeks of hemming and hawing and talking about things “in theory” actually making a decision and committing the funds was really scary.

Afterwards, we went back to the house to get started.  John and Ralph started tearing out the basement and the difference is incredible.  We had been trying to figure out how to use the space in the future, but it was so hard to visualize with all the walls and stuff in there.  Now that that is all gone, it’s way easier!  I was upstairs pulling down wallpaper (in several rooms it is just peeling off, isn’t that lucky?) and removing fixtures.

Over dinner we started talking about the kitchen, and Ralph says we are in good shape budget wise, so we’re off tomorrow to Ikea to buy cabinets!


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