Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 2

John headed over to the house at 8 this morning, and the guy who was coming to measure the rooms for the carpet between 8 and 10 beat him there!  I stayed at the apartment and blogged, because that is obviously a very helpful thing to do.  By the time I got over to the house at 11, they had already taken down the wall between the kitchen and the living room (we’re closing off the existing door in favor of a wide opening onto the living room) and gotten rid of all the paneling in the dining room and going up the stairs.  My jaw about hit the floor when I walked in – big changes in a short amount of time!  I brought sandwich fixings and we talked strategy over lunch.  We double checked our measurements and planned kitchen layout, then brought John home for a much needed shower.

He and I spent the afternoon shopping, and today was a lot more fun!  We went to Sherwin Williams to pick up a paint deck (John just asked for one and they gave it to him, go figure!  If I had known that I would have done it ages ago), looked at kitchen floor tile, then went to IKEA.  As John said, it was our fastest yet most expensive trip to IKEA ever.  I did well avoiding all the shiny things, we got (almost) everything ordered, and scheduled a Monday delivery.  They were out of the butcher block counter tops and the 24″ drawer fronts in our finish, but we spent $22 to get some temporary drawer fronts until they come back in stock maybe in July, and as for the counter tops – well, we’re punting.  Updates to come.


One thought on “Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 2

  1. Hey! Enjoying the pics and the updates…keep ’em coming! Wow, you guys are really getting a lot done. It sounds like you are a great team and a wonderful way to celebrate your 3rd anniversary! Love,
    Aunt Mary

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