Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 3

I spent the morning walking around the house with the paint deck picking out paint colors.  John and Ralph framed out the new opening between the kitchen and the living room, while I started trying to take down some wallpaper.  I had this Pirahna thing that poked holes in the wallpaper which was kind of fun – I called it the wallpaper eater – but I didn’t really need it because the paper came off so easily.  Ralph said it came off easier than any paper he’d ever seen (after admitting that he thought he was giving me the really awful job).  So, about 1:30, he and John go off to pick up some supplies and bread for sandwiches for lunch, leaving me stripping wallpaper.  Only they were gone for 3 hours!  Thank goodness for Clif bars is all I can say.  When they got back, I took a much deserved sandwich break, then all three of us powered through the end of the wallpaper.  Thankfully, this is the only room we’re stripping, because the walls are so bad in the others.  I was pleased with this news!  We took Ralph to Pepe’s for Father’s day, for a well-deserved pizza!


One thought on “Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 3

  1. Can’t wait to see what colors you picked out!! I leave for two weeks and look at all you’ve done! Wow.

    Very lucky with the wallpaper. It usually takes forever and comes down in tiny bits. Maybe the previous owners put up the wallpaper poorly? Using less glue? Or bad wallpaper? It definitely looked a bit scary from the original photos. Looking forward to next update.

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