Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 6

More wiring.  Got the other side of the kitchen done, and ran wires up to the second floor.  I just took pictures in the basement because I didn’t yesterday and it had lots of fun yellow wires all over the place.

John and I tracked down different butcher block cabinets at Lumber Liquidators.  It is actually going to work better than the IKEA ones, because we can have continuous pieces on both sides of the kitchen (along the sink is 8′ 3″ – 3″ longer than the fairly standard 8′), it’s maple which is a harder wood, and we could get a backsplash.  It just cost more than we were planning on!  But they are in stock (except for the backsplash which should be in in less than a week) and it is nice to have one less thing to worry about!

One funny thing that happened today is that a guy came by to hammer a for sale sign in our yard!  Ralph talked to him and apparently the GPS sent him to the wrong house and it was supposed to be two houses down.  My mom had been looking for that house to go up for sale since it was foreclosed on fairly recently and she is looking to move into the neighborhood.  So, that was a really easy way for us to find out!  Ralph ended up going over and taking a look and reported back that it was in great shape, so we have our fingers crossed.


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