Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 7

John took the day off and they worked on more wiring today.  I admit that I knew it took a long time, and I knew that there was a reason why it took a long time, but I did not understand why it took a long time until I watched John and Ralph do their last pull of the day.  They were stringing wire from the ceiling light over to the wall, down along one side of the door, down into the basement, then up the other side of the door to the switch.  So, they make a series of holes at the tricky parts, like where the it needs to bend from the ceiling to the wall and where it goes into the basement, which has it’s own problems – John tried to get the hole through into the basement, but happened to be right at a joist.  Then, you have to get the wires through.  Now, to do this, they have these long flexible sticks with a hook on one end that you feed through the holes then use to carry the wire.  They are pretty small in diameter, and sometimes really hard to find at the next hole.  Especially when we have loads and loads of really disgusting cellulose insulation.  So, you guide the sticks through after a lot of effort, but realize that the only end the hook can screw on is not at the right end.  Oops.  So you try taping it and cross your fingers.  It’s working, which is exciting, but then the rods come unscrewed in the wall because of all the futzing around, so one person holds the end together in one hole while the other person twists the rod in the next hole.  So, then you start pulling, but you have to go really slow because the taping is getting caught up.  Then you finally get the wire in the basement and decide it is time to call it quits for the day!  It was really interesting to watch – I would have helped, but it is one of those situations where another person just would have been in the way.


One thought on “Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 7

  1. Are we having fun yet!? Great job with the wiring, boys. I know how “difficult” it is to **pull** the wiring. It took us all afternoon just to pull 2 wires through the drywall, up through the ceiling, and down again just to install a ceiling light and light switch in our front hallway. KEEP the PICs coming, Jama! I love coming to work in the morning and checking your blog and entries. mom

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