Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 8

Today John went shopping while Ralph and I did all the work!

Misleading, but (almost) true.

We met at 8 am for breakfast at Ralph’s new favorite place.  After breakfast, Ralph and I went to pick up a few things at home depot, and John went to pick up the U-haul we’d rented for the day.  We had a lot of big things to get, like the countertops, drywall, wood to support the joists, and tile, so we figured it was worth it!  He went to get the drywall first, then the countertops.  When he got to the countertop place he was told that we had been misinformed, that they were not in stock, but would be here next Tuesday.  John called to ask me if we should just get a refund he was so mad, but I said to ask for free delivery.  They wouldn’t even give that to us!  If they aren’t here next week, then we will definitely ask for our money back.  Who knew countertops would be such a bother!  Then he went to Lowes and he had so many things to get that he essentially shopped for one person’s entire shift – 3 hours!!!

Meanwhile, back at the house, Ralph worked on wiring, with my occasional help.  I put together all of the IKEA cabinets, then started taping windows – but I only got one done.  When John got back, they started laying down the subfloor in the kitchen.


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