Ready-set-go-a-thon Day 16

John left early in the morning to get to work, and Mary, Anne, and I followed later on after breakfast.  John finished up the first coat of mud on the drywall, which was very exciting!  Mary and Anne got to work painting the kitchen, and I got the sprayer to work on priming the dining room and the hallway.  It goes so much faster than doing it all my hand, it’s amazing.  Ralph did some work on the electrical, installing the new hallway light.  He tried to install the ceiling fan in the living room, but apparently the one I ordered won’t work, so now I have to figure something else out.

It was a shorted day, because they we all got cleaned up to go to our town’s annual fireworks.  Ralph’s Aunt Babe, Cousin Mark, and his wife Sharon joined us – apparently Mark and Sharon live about 45 minutes away from us – we had no idea!  For the first time since we started going to the fireworks four years ago, they ran out of the chicken dinners, which was a bummer, but we made do with their other offerings and the snacks we had brought.  We had a lot of fun talking and listening to the music, and the fireworks display was really good!  I drove Mary and Anne, and we got stuck in a parking lot quite a walk from the bandshell, but we were glad at the end of the night when we beat John home by almost 20 minutes!  What a fun night!

(Photos by Mary)


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