Moving Day

Well, moving day has finally come.  John and I were only up until about 2, which we’re counting as a success.  (In the photo, he’s holding a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack, posing like Jimmy Fallon does in the picture).  We ran out to get the truck doughnuts, and two of John’s friends from work, Dave and Steve, were just arriving as we did.

John felt like someone should stay with the truck, since we were parked in the fire zone, so I got the easy job of sitting and reading.  It was a popular moving day – at one time we were one of 4 moving trucks lined up outside our apartment.  We got there first, so we got the best spot.  The moving place had upgraded us to a gigantic truck, since they lost the keys to the one we had reserved, but even so we ended up making two trips – one with furniture and one with boxes.  Dave and Steve were real troopers and stayed until the late afternoon helping us get everything.  John measured it, and it is about 300 feet from our apartment door to where we parked the truck.  It was amazing how much faster unloading went!

We ended up getting most things, but still have a couple of car loads to do, mainly small things that didn’t pack real well.

Back at the house, Ralph was starting to put in the cabinets, and realized that the sink pipe was in too bad of shape and had to go.  When he pulled it out, it was clogged badly and had holes in it!  Luckily, it had just been draining to the basement.


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