Moving Days 2-4

Yeah, so that took longer than we expected!  A few carloads turned out to be quite a bit.  Sunday we made several trips back and forth.  I took Monday off and spent all day cleaning and packing, then we took a few more loads when John got home from work.  Finally Tuesday after work we just did a few final touch ups, and took two last loads.  It would have been one, but I would have had to walk!  My car had slipped a belt that morning, so we were down to just one car.  We took a few final photos of our first home together, and turned in the keys.

At the house, Ralph has been making a lot of progress in the kitchen.  Once he got the plumbing in the kitchen fixed, he got cabinets in, the countertops cut (just not attached), the sink in, the dishwasher hooked up, the disposal installed, and the gas pipe ran for the stove.  Of course, things couldn’t have just gone in easily.  I very helpfully noticed after Ralph had it installed that there wasn’t a switch for the disposal, so that caused a bit of a hold up.  Then, our brand new dishwasher started leaking – so we have someone scheduled to come look at it next week! John and I also got our pantry built.


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