Colorado bound

Okay, back after a long hiatus, and trying to get caught up again, starting with our trip to Colordao, July 21-24.  John’s brother Kerry and his wife Jill had surprised us earlier in the year with a free trip to visit them thanks to some frequent flyer vouchers that were going to expire.  This was back before we had bought the house, and we were optimistic about our timeline, so we picked the end of July, right before Jill went back to school, thinking that we’d be done by then.  Ha.  It was a little unnerving to leave, but we had a wonderful time, and the getaway was really the perfect thing!

We came in Thursday, and after a bit of confusion, managed to find Jill.  Kerry was home by the time that we got there, and we headed out to dinner (barbeque – John and I were impressed with the quality of Colorado barbeque – and I really liked the all-you-can-eat ice cream!).  Afterwards, we drove up to try and see the buffalo, but they were being shy.  What an incredible view it was!

The second day we drove up into the mountains.  Jill and I realized we shared a mutual interest in photography, and both used Canon DSLRs so the day was spent happily swapping lenses, comparing shots, and making Kerry pull over so we could photograph whatever caught our fancy.  The boys had fun too, I promise!  We stopped at a neat little town that I can’t remember the name of and had Beau Jo’s pizza, which as Kerry was proud to report was dinner and dessert in one, as they had honey on the table to dip the big (probably 3″ tall) crusts in.  Super yummy.  Jill and I hit the shops (I got a great pair of earrings, and a christmas ornament) while the boys had a fierce competition in the pinball arcade. (Not really, Kerry is way better than John – but I love him anyway!)  That evening we took a walk on the trails behind their house to go feed the ducks and had a fierce Guitar Hero competition.

On Sunday, I asked to go to the Denver Art Museum, and everyone obliged me.  Kerry and Jill had never been in beyond the gift shop, so it was fun that we all got to see it together for the first time.  I found several new-to-me artists, and had a lot of fun looking around.  Afterwards, we fuliflled John’s special request, which was to eat at the very first Chipotle.  It was quite good.  That evening, we broke out the Bocce ball set – boys vs. girls (the boys won – I had never played before).

Sunday we were very sad to go!  What a wonderful trip – thank you so much Kerry and Jill!!!

PS: Jill is a great cook!  Here are two of my favorite recipes she made while we were visiting – Baked Nectarines with Pistachios and Plum Skillet Cake


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