Reclaiming the Porch

Since we moved in, the porch has been a collector of large or messy things.  The guest room work used the last of the dry wall stored out there and the porch clearing project began.  The many bags of garbage slowly left as we had extra room in the can and by the time the weather was getting nice, it was clear.  A cleared area means that it’s time to fill it with stuff again.

We picked up a rug made from recycled plastic bags.  It was inexpensive, looks nice, covers a large area and is working quite well for us.

We like bbq, and settled on a masterbuilt 7 in 1 smoker/grill/outdoor cooking center.  We haven’t figured out what all 7 functions they are counting, but we have smoked chicken, ribs and made pulled pork.  To get us started, I bought the bbq ebook from model rail road guy and former competition bbqer Dave Frary.  So far, it is working well.

Jama was quite excited to buy some flowers.  We have a red dahlia for the front and a pink and purple fuchsia for the back.  We also acquired a mint plant and a hydrangea.

Jama has been following the blog of Ana White and picked out a swing and table made from dimensional lumber and assembled using a Kreg Jig.  For these projects, Jama got comfortable using the power tools and now uses the compound miter saw like a pro.

Today we finished off our porch upgrades with two strings of globe lights.  I am writing this post under their soft glow while reclining with my feet up on our new table.  It is a cool June, so Jama is well bundled while reading a book.  I think that we are just about done for now out here.


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