Tree Work

Last year’s October storm caused quite a bit of damage to many of our trees and showed that the tree in the front of the house really has to go.  We hired a local tree guy to do the work and our yard is much improved.  The front yard now gets plenty of sun to become a garden area and I am no less worried about large limbs falling on me while I cut the grass. A bonus will be fewer leaves to rake!

The stump is just visible out at the sidewalk. This is the planned garden area.

At the start of storm, Jama made a video from the front door.  The tree that was cut down is visible on the right.  In the video you can see that the leaves are still mostly on the trees, which is the cause of most of the problems from the storm.  The photo on our 2011 Christmas card was taken once everything was covered, but the storm didn’t stop until we had 2 feet of snow.  We did not have power for 6 days.  The video is on youtube:


One thought on “Tree Work

  1. I can’t see the video. When the link opens I am at youtube, at your site, but the screen is black and there is no start button. It says that there are no videos.
    It was great to read the new posts!

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