Famous Fat Dave Trip

Famous Fat Dave is a New York cab driver who knows the best places to get real food.  Jama’s mom got us a tour in his ’82 checker cab.  After four hours of eating and driving we took a walk on the highline, took a nap and saw Avenue Q.  The next morning we went to MoMA.  It was a good trip.  Here’s some pictures and you can see where we went and what we ate by checking out this map.  Here are pictures

Ride into BrooklynMorir SonadoIf you don't like it, you don't payWho wants Italian?CannoliRice BallMuralLet's Get PiesIn the Pie ShopPie TartIt's called a swingletInside Brennan and CarrA Gargiulo BurgerPastrami in the caseFrank and Lloyd'sUs with the cabRockaway TacosNew Park PizzaMore New Park PizzaNo pool, just a rectangle of grass


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